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  • “As a way of joining the festivities around the Bot50 independence celebrations, Chidline Botswana staff decided to commemorate it with the children at the facility. The event came about after the realization that every time when independence holidays arrive, the whole staff get excited about where and how they are going to spend their holidays, forgetting that, the place that they call ‘work’, is actually a ‘home’ to the 21 kids that reside there. With that in mind, the staff decided to celebrate it, prior the date.

    The day started off with the staff and the kids decorating the Childline premises with Botswana colors. They constructed a parking area; the kids were so engaged, picking up the stones and loading them in wheelbarrows and helping with digging the trenches where the stones will be placed. They then helped with the painting. There were balloons all over and flags were erected in trees and poles around the premises. This was all done in the morning. Towards the afternoon, everyone gathered around and the elders taught the kids how to play traditional games as morabaraba, diketo, koi, maraounders and how to make the plastic ball. A sheep and chickens were slaughtered while the kids watched and learned how it is done. Yeah! They were all flabbergasted; as it was the first time some of them saw anything like that.

    During the night, the Dj mesmerised the day with music. Everyone was dancing. At some point there, the elders sat the children down and gave them a brief history of Independence Day and where and how it came about to be celebrated. They were so happy to have learned such information as they realised they have been screaming ‘Bot50’ since the inception of molelelo wa kgolagano, not really knowing the history behind. With their Bot50 t.shirts and their ‘home’ wearing the Botswana colors, they surely had independence the way they never had and appreciated every part of the event. ”

    Bot50 Independence Celebrations – September 2016
  • “Mosele Legal Services, a legal insurance company offered a 1 year legal advice sponsorship to Childline Botswana alongside 2 other NGO’s. The sponsorship is limited to legal advice only for the organization and its members of staff. Under the sponsorship, Childline Botswana is able to periodically consult Mosele’s in-house counsel on any legal matter, including advice on how to handle clients’ cases. Furthermore, members of staff are also offered legal advice on their personal matters as and when they are in need of such. This particular gesture takes into cognizance the fact that as an NGO, we are not able to offer the most attractive benefits to members of staff despite their most invaluable contribution to society. The sponsorship shall be lapsing and due for renewal in October 2016.”

    Signing of Memorandum of Understanding with Mosele Legal Services – September 2015
    "The Annual Childline Sports and family fun day is a day aimed at raising funds for Childline Botswana operations while affording corporates an opportunity for team building and fun as well as unlimited fun for families. The event is held between July and August every year. The activities involved include; soccer, athletics, volleyball, netball, and dance (zumba, aerobics etc). during the 2015 edition, 10 teams participated; Childline Botswana, Akheel Jinhabai & Associates, Botswana Life, Botswana National Sports Council (BNSC), Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA), Duma FM, First National Bank Botswana (FNBB), Human Resource Development Council (HRDC), Letshego Financial Services and New Era College.

    This event was sponsored by senn foods, Sefalana Cash& Carry, and Gantsi Beef. FNBB emerged to be the best Football team, while Duma FM scooped the best Netball team trophy. As for volley ball New Era became the champions and Duma FM was also the best athletics team. The winners went away with medals and trophies to celebrate their victory."

    Annual Childline Family Fun Day – August 2015


Childline Botswana’s mission is primarily to help abused children. Childline Botswana also seeks to address other related child welfare issues through nurturing and intervention strategies like education, counselling, casework and alternative care programmes. In carrying out its mission, Childline Botswana will strive to adhere to the following principles:

Fairness in resolving cases.
Botho (humility) in customer service.


Child line’s vision is to have a nation that is child friendly: that respects children’s rights and does not abuse its children by the year 2036.


The objectives of Childline Botswana are:

To provide emergency services for all children in need.
To help parents/caregivers who are experiencing difficulties with their children, who may have abused them or fear they will abuse them.
To help parents/adults who may have been abused themselves as children.

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Childline Botswana
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